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Totschooling enjoys partnering with companies to promote educational products, toys, books, apps and other resources for parents and teachers. All links will be no-follow. All sponsored posts will be disclosed as such.

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About the Blog:

Totschooling is a popular education blog focusing on creative learning activities for children ages 1-6 years. Specializing in hands-on printable activities, Totschooling is a leader in educational printables for busy parents and teachers. 

Totschooling readers are mainly U.S. mothers, preschool/kindergarten teachers, daycare providers and homeschoolers.


Blog established 2014
Email/Newsletter subscribers: 200,000+
Facebook followers: 81,000
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Average monthly pageviews: 750,000

Companies we have worked with in the past include: 

  • Scholastic
  • Dollar Tree
  • Amazon Studios
  • Kellogg's
  • The J.M. Smucker Company
  • Mother Goose Time
  • Fiddle & Doodle
  • Zap Zap Math
  • Apple to Zebra
  • PicassoTiles


  1. Hello,

    What is totschooling offer?


  2. hi i couldn't find the course that you offer for $15, can you send me to [email protected]

  3. I thought I remembered a few years ago you offered a course on how to make educational printables. Was that you and if so do you still offer it from time to time?