5 Free Apple themed Printables

Apple activities are everywhere this month, and our very own Love to Learn Linky is no exception. Today I am featuring 5 Free Apple themed Printables for learning colors, math, language and fine motor skills!
Free Apple Color Gradient Activity
Apples come in so many different colors. This makes them perfect for learning about color gradients! A color gradient is a gradual change from light to dark or from one color to another. 

A simple activity to help your child learn about gradients is using two different colored paints and gradually mixing one color into the other until it changes to a different shade. For example, start with yellow and mix in a little bit of green, then a little more green, then more until you get a full green color. Make sure you paint each step along the way on paper so you can look back and see the color change.

After your child understands the concept of color gradients, try this free printable activity where you place the apples in order from red to yellow and from green to yellow. You can even try this with real apples!

And now for more Apple themed Printables that were linked up at the Love to Learn Linky!

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