Feed the Monster Alphabet Puzzles

Are you looking for fun ways to practice matching upper and lowercase letters? These fun apple puzzles will get kids excited about matching and identifying their letters. These are great to fine mote skills too as they match the puzzle and then try to insert the puzzle cards into the monster’s mouth!

FREE alphabet game for preschoolers. Match letter cases to complete the apple puzzles, feed them to the monster, then write down the letters they fed to the monster. Fun game to practice the alphabet and handwriting.
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To prepare:
How to assemble the monster poster and the cards:

Firstly, print out the apple puzzle cards, laminate them and cut them along the puzzle lines to make puzzles. For the monster poster, make sure you print it out in color as it makes a BIG difference on what it looks like once you’ve cut out where the mouth is, etc. 

After you have printed out the monster poster, laminate it and then try to bend the page where the mouth is to make a cut-out where the mouth is. You can see that in the picture. Once you have a rip, you’ll be able to cut through to make the hole a little bigger so that the puzzle pieces can easily be inserted into the ‘monster’s mouth’. 

After this, you will want to place the empty jar behind the monster poster. I bent the bottom half of the monster poster so that it sort of tucks underneath the jar so that it stands more easily. You will want the jar to be open so that the puzzle pieces can go into the jar once the kids place them in. 

Alphabet Feed the Monster Puzzles

These puzzles are a great way to get the kids matching their upper and lowercase letters with a fun theme! If you find that your kiddos come from an ESL or ELL background or they aren’t ready to match their letters yet, you can get these students to work on a few letters at a time OR print and laminate the puzzle cards and not cut them in the middle so that they can see the letters and name the letters on the apple cards as they place them into the monster’s mouth. So differentiation with this activity is definitely doable.

As students begin matching their puzzles, make sure that they are joining these correctly (the puzzles are actually color coded which make it easier for the kids to look for a certain color when they are looking for the remaining puzzle piece. This is also great for ESL kids.

I've also included a recording sheet for kids to write down the letters they ‘fed the monster’ right before they place the puzzle into the monster’s mouth. Even if they make mistakes in doing this, it still helps them practice further.

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