Mailbox Alphabet Game with Free Printables

There is something so fun and fascinating about sending and receiving mail. My kids love going to the post office and helping to mail things, but we don't do it very often since it's easier to send texts and emails these days. So I came up with this alphabet game for kids to enjoy mailing letters while practicing their ABC's and beginning letter sounds!

FREE pretend play alphabet game where kids can mail letters in a mailbox. Great for a community helper or post office theme. Practice letters and beginning letter sounds!
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This Mailbox Alphabet Game is great for learning the alphabet and beginning letter sounds, as well as building fine motor skills and having pretend/imaginary play. Great for a community helper theme or a post office theme. This is one activity that is sure to be hit!

To make this game, here is what you will need:

After printing, tape the mailbox image onto your box. Using scissors or an x-acto knife, carefully make an slot opening in the box where the mail will be going in. (The smaller/thinner your slot is, the more fine motor skill is required by your child. So use your judgement depending on your child's age and ability.) Your mailbox is done!

This is optional, but what I did to make the letters look more like real envelopes is I drew lines with a pen on the back of all the letters before laminating. Then I laminated and cut them all out. You could also print them on cardstock paper instead of laminating.

My 3 year old daughter had a blast! Watch this video of her playing the game.

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  1. Replies
    1. X is for fox. It teaches children the actual sound that x makes, rather than using xylophone which makes a z sound.

  2. Hi Thanks for the wonderful mailbox and postcards. As a Back to preschool activity,
    I put the pictures of people around us with the right letter instead of objects and animals M for Mom, d for Dad, K for Kevin etc
    Kids enjoyed to learn their new friends name