Alphabet Games Bundle

Looking for fun ways to teach your kids or students the alphabet and letter sounds? So fun that they won't even notice they are learning? You've come to the right place. Kids will have a blast learning their ABC's with this bundle of creative, hands-on Alphabet Games!

Bundle of 15 creative alphabet games, including matching, sorting, card and board games featuring both uppercase and lowercase letters. Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers learning and practicing the alphabet!

Includes 16 printable games where kids will practice letter recognition and letter sounds as well as build vocabulary skills through matching, sorting and playing board games! All activities include both uppercase AND lowercase versions.
This is a great bundle of games to play throughout the year while studying different themes: animals, vehicles, community, foods, holidays, etc.
You will receive 16 digital PDF files. No physical items will be shipped.


Games Included:
Animals & Habitats A-Z:
Matching game where kids will learn about 26 different types of animals & their habitats.

Alphabet Town: Community Buildings A-Z:
Learn about 26 different types of buildings around the community, as well as 26 corresponding objects/words that go with each building.

Vehicles & Transportation A-Z:
Matching game where kids will learn about 26 different types of vehicles.

Cookie Monster ABC Board Game:
Simple board game that even toddlers can play. Feed the Cookie Monster alphabet cookies while playing.

School Bus ABC Board Game:
Pick up passengers in your bus as you make your way around town in this fun and simple board game.

Alphabet UNO:

Play this classic game with letters instead of numbers. Great activity for letter recognition!

Slides & Ladders ABC Game:

Another classic game that is tons of fun. Climb ladders and go down slides while making your way to the end of the alphabet!

Fruits & Vegetables A-Z:
Matching game where kids will learn about 26 different types of fruits & vegetables.

Make a Pizza:
Make a pizza by matching the alphabet toppings.

Box of Chocolates:
Fill the heart-shaped gift box by matching the different chocolates.

Band-Aid Bear:
Put band-aids on the bear's many boo-boos by matching the letters.

Alphabet Sorting Game:
Sorting game with 156 pieces for learning letter sounds, letter recognition and vocabulary words.

Mailbox ABC Game:

Combine pretend play and fine motor skills while learning letters and letter sounds in this fun post office themed game.

Gingerbread House Decorating:
Decorate the gingerbread house with gumdrops, gummy bears and other alphabet candies.

Santa's Presents:
Help Santa fill the boxes with the right presents by matching beginning letter sounds.

Easter Egg Hunt Alphabet Game:

Easter egg hunt with a twist! This game will get kids moving and hunting for letters.

Note: These printable games are bundled for your convenience at a discounted price. Some of these activities can be purchased separately on the Totschooling Teachers Pay Teachers Store ( while some activities are offered for free on the website.



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