Apples Up On Top Rhyming Clip Cards

Kindergarten kids will love this CVC center, and it's a perfect activity to go along with the classic story "Ten Apples Up On Top"! Kids will use a peg to identify and clip the short vowel words that rhyme with the word on each sign. 

FREE Apple themed CVC rhyming words activity with clothes pins/clips, perfect for kindergarten kids to go along with the book Ten Apples Up on Top.

Print as many cards as you need for the number of students in your class. Be sure to have enough of those cards for your clip card center. You could also choose to laminate the cards to make them nice and sturdy.

Short Vowels CVC Apples on Top Clip

I LOVE using pegs in learning centers, do you? – they are so much fun for kids and best of all, they are quick to setup and play! Use these cards to help kids learn to read and identify rhyming and CVC short vowel words. 

After you’ve printed and laminated (optional) the cards, place them on the table and show the kids what they need to do. They choose a card and read the short vowel CVC word on the sign. They then find and read words on the apples and clip the rhyming words with pegs/clothespins. They continue to do so until they have found all the matches for that card. Encourage them to say the word on the card as they look for the matching words.

CVC words can be difficult for kindergarten kids. Encourage them to work on their reading and rhyming skills with this set of fun cards!

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  1. Printed these out. Each page came out with one whole apple per page, not at all like 2 strips per page. Would love have these for my preschooler.

  2. Figured it out, fit to page setting on printer.

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