Mother's Day Flower Craft

Mother's Day Flower Craft
Mother's Day is this weekend and if you are still looking for a last minute craft idea - here is an easy and beautiful one! It took me a minute to gather the materials that I already had on hand, and the activity took about 10 minutes. The result is something you can frame and give to a mother or grandmother to melt their heart.
Materials: tempera paint, heavyweight paper, tissue paper, pom pom, popsicle stick

Here are the steps for your child:
-Paint a piece of paper with yellow paint (or whatever color your child wants)
-Paint a popsicle stick with green paint (skip this step if you already have a green popsicle stick)
-Glue the popsicle stick, vertically in the middle of the paper.
-Give your child a large piece of tissue paper to crumple up and then glue to the top of the popsicle stick
-Give your child a smaller piece of a different colored tissue paper to crumple up and then glue on top of the first tissue paper.
-Glue a pom pom in the middle of the flower on top of the tissue paper
-Glue green tissue paper for the leaves at the bottom of the popsicle stick
For a beautiful frame that fits 3 dimensional craft projects like this, check out this amazing company that I am affiliated with. All you do is slide the artwork right in. This would make such a wonderful gift, or a great way to display your child's artwork in their room.
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