Colored Sand Art Activity

Colored Sand Art Activity
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Looking for a fun and easy art project this summer? Try this colored sand art activity. All you need is colored sand, liquid glue and a DIY coloring page. Let me show you how it works!
 Colored Sand Art Activity
Step 1: Make the coloring page
With a black sharpie, I drew a simple picture on a sheet of heavyweight art paper. (If you don't have heavyweight paper, you can just draw on a regular piece of paper and back it up with something like a thin cardboard. This is because regular paper won't hold up the weight of the sand.)
Keep the picture as simple as possible. For kids under 3, I would stick with a few shapes or maybe a letter.
Step 2: Your child uses a paintbrush to "paint" each shape with glue, then sprinkle sand over it.
Colored Sand Art Activity
Important - only paint one shape at a time! Then, help your child sprinkle sand over it. Once the sand covers the glue, pick up the paper and pour the rest of the sand back into its container. Repeat this for all shapes. (see progress pics below)
Colored Sand Art Activity

Tips to minimize messes:
-Start with only a small amount of sand for each color. You don't need a lot.
-If it's a beautiful day and you have outdoor space, consider doing this activity outdoors!
-If indoors, try this activity on a large table, with something to cover the table to catch the sand.
-If all else fails, don't worry, this is what vacuums are for!
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  1. This is awesome! When I picked my son up from daycare yesterday they were playing with coloured sand which I'd never seen before but loved the idea of it.. Now I have to get some to do this fun activity - wonderful timing, thank you!!

    1. That's great! There is so much you can do with colored sand!