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My 3 year old daughter loves anything to do with art, so I am always on the look-out for creative and fun art projects to do with her. We recently had the opportunity to review a very interesting new show on Amazon Prime Instant Video, called Creative Galaxy, which inspired us to come up with this fun roll-the-dice art game!

Roll the Dice Art Game for Kids

Creative Galaxy is made from the same creators as Blue's Clues and Super Why! which are two of my daughter's favorite shows, so I knew she would love it. Plus, it's all about ART!

This is an interactive art adventure series geared at preschoolers (although I have a feeling older kids would enjoy it as well) featuring the adventures of Arty and Epiphany, as they travel around the galaxy solving problems with art and inspiring creative thinking, learning about art history, famous artists, and even a bit of architecture!

In every episode, Arty and his friends strive to solve a particular problem with art. This is important because it shows how useful art can be in everyday life, how art is basically all around us even if we don't realize it, and how you can fix or solve any problem by being creative. This is a great life lesson that can be extended to all future career paths, even the ones not involving art. 

Another really great part about this series is the live-action pieces at the end of each episode which shows real kids re-creating each of Arty's projects. It makes you feel as if you are doing the project along with them, and shows kids and parents the tools and steps they need for each activity. 

Needless to say, my daughter absolutely loves Creative Galaxy! And it really inspired us to make some fun art projects. Here is one of the projects we made, based on an episode about art games. 

Roll the Dice Art Game for Kids

How to Play:

I had some wooden cubes from the craft store that I turned into art dice. I drew numbers 1-6 on one, 6 colors on another, and 6 different craft materials on another. (If you don't have wooden cubes, you can print copies of this blank paper die) Each player takes turns rolling the 3 dice and adds the craft material (the amount and color specified by the dice) to the project. Then the next player rolls the dice and does the same thing, according to what the dice says. 

This is a super fun game that encourages creativity and spontaneity!

You can make the game simpler by using two dice instead of 3, maybe just colors & craft material, or just numbers & craft material. Also, you can play with just 3 craft materials instead of 6, and just draw them twice to cover the die.

Materials Needed:

  • 3 to 6 different craft materials. We went crazy and used 6, but you can easily just use 3 and write them twice on the die. The materials we used were pom poms, pipe cleaners, playdough, stickers, craft sticks, and markers.

  • 2 or 3 wooden dice (or print copies of this blank paper die) and draw/write colors, numbers & craft material on each die. You can do 2 dice with just color and craft materials, or just numbers and craft materials. We did all 3. 

  • paper

I took turns with my daughter rolling the dice and adding to the project. We had a blast figuring out what to make with each roll of the dice!

My daughter loved this game and didn't want to stop playing. Here is the finished product:

For tons more art ideas and inspiration, check out Creative Galaxy on Amazon Prime Instant Video. You can watch the first episode for FREE. Happy crafting!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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  1. What a fun activity, and your daughter looks adorable as she is playing! :)

  2. So fun! Looks like a great art activity.

    1. Thank you! We are definitely doing it again soon!

  3. Thank you! Our kids are having fun and learning new things . This looks like so much fun for them.

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  4. That Great! Our kids are having fun and learning new things . This looks like so much fun for them.