Free FROZEN Alphabet Cards

My girls absolutely love the movie Frozen and anything to do with it. So I created these FREE Frozen themed Alphabet Cards to help them learn their alphabet and letter sounds. We also play a lot of fun educational games with these cards. The possibilities are endless!

FREE Frozen Alphabet Cards

These FREE Frozen Alphabet Cards include 26 images and words, one for each letter of the alphabet, featuring either a main character from the movie, or an object or idea with a movie scene as the image.

Just print them out, laminate each sheet, then cut out the cards. Here are some ideas for playing with these cards:

-Create an alphabet flip book that you can look through and practice reading the letters and/or words.
-Hang the cards on the wall to create a decorative alphabet chart.
-Play a memory game: make 2 copies of each card, lay them face down and play the classic game.
-Play a bingo game: Lay down a set of 9 or 16 cards to create a large bingo mat. Then, call out letters and have the child put a token on the correct card.
-Talk about each character or what is happening in each picture. Great for language development, imagination and memory.

These cards are excellent for many different stages of development. For toddlers it is a good introduction to the alphabet. Preschoolers will benefit from practicing letter sounds, and emergent readers can use these as simple words to practice reading.

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  1. My daughter will love these! Thanks so much

  2. The link is not working...?

    1. Hi, please email me at [email protected] and I will gladly email you the file. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. You are amazing. I don't know what our little girl would do without other mamas sharing their amazing resources for us to use. Thank you for sharing your time and your talents!!

  4. Thank you so much for creating the Frozen Alphabet Cards. They will be well used and such a great resource to have!