Free Weather themed Word Tracing Printables

Practice letter tracing and handwriting skills, plus weather vocabulary with these FREE printable Weather themed Word Tracing worksheets!

The weather during the spring months can be very fickle. One day it will seem like the warmth is here to stay, only to have the temperatures dramatically drop and snowflakes falling on the next! Eventually, the sun starts to shine more and the precipitation will finally change to rain, with some lightning and thunderstorms occurring too!

While the changes in weather become second nature to adults, it is a novelty for toddlers. My toddlers absolutely love to talk about the weather. Each day after breakfast, we look out the window to see what the weather is like. I will open our slider door so we can feel the wind, rain, or warmth from the sun, while I also give a very simple explanation of the science behind the weather.

Since we have been doing a variety of activities to work on letter recognition, like these snowflake crowns during the winter, I thought I could use the weather as another great opportunity to work on their pre-reading and pre-writing skills.

I decided to create this printable set of some of the most common weather types that we witness during the spring. My 3-year-old twin girls love to name and trace the letters while also discussing what the weather is like. The weather graphic on the printable helps them to "read" each word.

Free Weather themed Word Tracing Printables

These printables are free and would make a great addition to a weather unit for preschoolers. The 6 spring weather types included in this printable pack are: cloudy, lightning, raining, sunny, windy, and thunder. I hope your children enjoy them as much as mine!

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