Bread Science Experiment + Free Printable Bread Cutting Pack

Looking for a unique science experiment for preschool? Something different that the kids haven't done yet? This activity is about learning how bread is made and how yeast reacts with different liquids. Plus, use the FREE printable cutting pages to practice scissor skills while pretending to slice bread!

Sourdough Bread Science

Long ago, my husband took a job as a bagel baker, which led to a career in bread baking. Sourdough was just a way of life! It took until later to understand the science behind it.

The actual maintenance of a sourdough starter is likely outside the scope of preschool science. If you are interested in learning more today, Cultures for Health has some helpful tips, videos and projects all about sourdough! We wanted to share an easy-prep science experiment that can be done with regular yeast and everyday household liquids. 

Yeast + Liquid Science Experiment + Free Printable

For this simple experiment, you will need:

-Yeast (not instant)
-Various liquids (see below)
-Cups or bowls
-This printable

You could try this with any liquids you like! Other than the various water temperatures, be sure to have the liquids at room temperature.

-Ice water
-Warm water
-Hot water
-Soda water
-Almond milk
-Dairy milk
-Apple juice
-Cider vinegar
-Soda w/ sugar
-Soda w/ corn syrup
-Soda (Diet)
-Water & baking soda (let sit 5 min before using)
-Water & aspirin (let sit 5 min before using)

Simply mix about 1 tsp. of yeast into 4-6 oz. (or 1/2 - 3/4 C) of liquid in a cup or bowl. Label or note each mixture. Watch mixtures as they change. Look from above and record the results on the printable! (We used dollar store plastic cups for this. But, another option would be to do these mixtures within Ziploc bags! Please be wary though as the bags could explode due to the activity of the yeast.) We were surprised at what liquids had the strongest reactions. We invite you to investigate this, too!

Download the Yeast + Liquid Bread Science Printable here! 

Bonus: Free Bread Cutting Pack

Though my boys make bread all the time, I decided to have a special Bread Preschool Week in our homeschool. So, I have created a free, printable bread mini-pack that I am honored to share with Totschooling readers! I always appreciate the free printables from Totschooling that makes our homeschool preschool journey oh-so much easier!

Free Printable Bread Cutting Pack

This bread mini-pack includes:

-Cutting Strips
-Cutting Shapes
-Slicing Bread

Download the Bread Cutting Practice Pack here!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy learning about bread and how it works in your homeschool!

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