Princess Dress-Up Playdough Mats

My daughters are obsessed with princesses and everything related to them, so I thought it would be fun to create these Free dress-up playdough mats with all the classic princesses as well as a bonus - the Frozen princesses as well. Kids can re-create their classic dresses or design their own!

FREE Princess dress-up playdough mats featuring 8 princesses including Cinderella, Ariel, Aurora, Tiana, Snow White, and Elsa & Anna from Frozen.

These FREE printable playdough mats include the following 8 princesses: 
  • Cinderella
  • Belle
  • Aurora
  • Tiana
  • Ariel
  • Snow White
  • Elsa
  • Anna
Design the princess' dresses over and over again with playdough by laminating these mats (affiliate link). You can also skip the playdough and use magazines or collage materials to create their outfits!

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  1. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas you have and for making them available for FREE. It really helps a lot with my homeschool preschool :) I just came across these princess playdough mats and I have three boys so I was wondering if you could make a set for boys (maybe include construction worker, fireman, police officer, etc)? If you ever have a free minute? ;)

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment! That's a great idea about the boy themed playdough mats. I'll have to add it to my list :) In the meantime, your boys might like the matching occupations with vehicles activity. Here's the link:

  2. Amazing website....great help....i find it recently only 3 days back .....its really wonderful to find it.

  3. Is there any clothes we can print to laminate and do out fit activities

  4. Is there any clothes to download and cut out for the princess mats ?