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Most of us have heard of the online learning program ABCmouse.com, probably from commercials on children's TV networks. It looks so appealing that, after a few times watching the commercials, my kids were begging me to sign up! Luckily, they have a FREE 30-day trial and I decided to give it a try with my 3 & 5 year old daughters.

Our experience trying out the FREE 30-day trial of ABCmouse.com, the early learning online program for preschoolers and kindergartners.

Before starting, I went ahead and bought this children's computer mouse that is smaller and has only 1 button. I recommend this for young kids who have never used a mouse before.

Here are the main things that I love about ABCmouse.com:
  • Both of my kids can use the program and both can be challenged. Each child creates their own avatar (which is a fun activity in itself) and their progress is stored separately.
  • The program has "learning paths", so you can use it as a preschool or kindergarten curriculum. However, if you want a more casual approach you can choose to just play the learning games or do the other fun activities separately.
  • There are a wide variety of activities, which will appeal to kids who have specific interests. My 3 year old is very much into art, so she loved the huge variety of coloring pages. (all of them education ones with letters, numbers, dot-to-dot, color by number, etc.) My 5 year old was more into the games and there are tons to choose from!

Here are the main things that MY KIDS love about ABCmouse.com:
  • The pets. Each child gets a hamster and a fish that they can feed and take care of. They can also buy other pets or pet items with tickets they earn (see below).
  • You get tickets after completing every activity and you can use these to buy things like pets, toys, clothes, furniture for your room and a lot of other things. Very motivational!
  • It's fun! They do a really good job of making it fun and irresistible for kids while packing in a lot of learning.

You can try it for yourself, FREE for 30-days and then cancel at any time. Sign up HERE for the trial!

Already did the trial? You'll be happy to know that ABCmouse.com offers 68% OFF for 2 months, making it only $5. Sign up HERE for the 2 month discount!



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