Where is my Joey? Kangaroo Matching Activity

Where is My Joey? is a fun matching activity where kids will be matching baby joeys to their mothers, while practicing letters, colors, number words and shape words. Perfect for preschool and kindergarten and great to use around Mother's Day!

FREE kangaroo matching activity for preschool and kindergarten to match letters, colors, number words and shape words. Great activity for Mother's Day!
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Kangaroos are amazingly unique animals that are Marsupials. Marsupial means they raise their babies in pouches till they are old enough to fend for themselves. There are several different Marsupial species such as koalas, possums, and wombats.

Inside this PDF you will find upper and lower case letters, colors, shapes, and numbers to match. You can also find a Where is my Momma? matching activity here!

Matching upper and lower case letters: The mother kangaroo has the upper case letters while the joey has the lower case letters. You could also use them for the children to spell out their name. You may have to print out a couple pages twice depending on your child's name. You can find more alphabet practice fun here.

Numbers: The mother has the number word while the joey has the number.

Colors: The mother again has the word on her pouch while the joey has the color.

Shapes: The mother has the shape name while the joey has the shape.

Instructions: Print out the PDF. Laminate if you choose. It is a pretty large pack. It might be better to cut out the different kangaroos and then laminate them closer together. You could save some lamination paper that way. Fold the mother kangaroo in half and cut across the dotted line forming the pouch. Have the child slide the correct joey into his/her momma's pouch.

FREE kangaroo matching activity for preschool and kindergarten to match letters, colors, number words and shape words. Great activity for Mother's Day!

Fast Facts about Kangaroos:
  • Kangaroos are vegetarian animals who hop to get around.
  • Kangaroo mothers have a pouch on their tummy that their little joeys (which is what baby kangaroos are called) stay in till they develop enough to survive on their own.
  • Did you know joeys stay in their mother's pouches for around 8 months and then they only venture out for short time periods? They don't fully outgrow their mother's pouches till around 10 months. The joey will still stay close to momma but sometimes may go exploring.

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  1. Thank you. I will try to use this in my class. 😊

  2. I cant find the download button to download the colours and shapes one. ..

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