Dinosaur Skip Counting Puzzles

Who doesn't love dinosaurs? My kids are huge dinosaur lovers so it was natural to bring them into our homeschool. The kids love practicing math when it's fun and engaging. These dinosaur skip counting puzzles are a fun way to practice counting by 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10. Skip the boring math worksheets and get skip counting with these fun skip counting puzzles. Math doesn't have to be a snooze fest, spice it up and make it more interactive.

FREE Dinosaur themed Skip Counting Puzzles perfect for kindergarten math practice. Fun hands-on number learning with dinosaurs!
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Dinosaur Skip Counting Puzzles Supplies

Print the printables out onto paper or card stock if you'd like them to be stronger. If you'd like them to last, I suggest you laminate them or cover them in contact paper. Then cut them up along the dotted lines and voila, you have skip counting puzzles.

FREE Dinosaur themed Skip Counting Puzzles perfect for kindergarten math practice. Fun hands-on number learning with dinosaurs!

We're using these with my daughter and they're helping her understand how skip counting doesn't include all of the numbers. To extend this activity, read your favorite dinosaur books, create your own dinosaur fossils out of salt dough, or have them draw their own dinosaur and give it a new name, one that hasn't been discovered yet.

You can also use a hundreds chart and find the numbers on the puzzles on there as you counting by twos and so on. My daughter had to visualize this for her to understand it and it can be a tricky concept to teach. You can color in the hundreds chart or cover them with math tiles or blocks. You could place it in a sheet protector and then use a dry erase marker to find the correct numbers as you count.

Add more dinosaurs to your classroom, your students will thank you.

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