Sorting Even & Odd Numbers with Ocean Animals

Even and Odd numbers. We all know what they are but do we know why they are important? Of course, there are many reasons why knowing if a number is even or odd can be helpful. But when teaching kids, simplicity rules. 

FREE number sorting activity with odd and even numbers up to 20, featuring ocean animals. Great kindergarten math activity!

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I explain to my kids that it's important to understand even and odd so we can split up groups evenly. Candy is their top motivator. If I have 2 pieces of candy and there are two kids, both kids can have 1 piece. If I have 3 pieces of candy and there are two kids, it doesn't work as well. We call 2 an even number and 3 an odd number.

It helps to line up objects by groups of 2 when talking about even and odd numbers. Which is exactly what I've done with this fun even and odd printable! In this case, I'd say the ocean animals are buddying up. The even groups are the ones where everyone has a buddy. The odd groups are where one animal is by itself.  

To Make the Ocean Animal Even/Odd Set

This is a simple set to put together with just a little bit of cutting. If you'd like to use it with multiple children or over the course of a week or longer, I'd recommend laminating it.

Going Further

To further the concept I also included cards for ten frame numbers and just plain numbers. These cards are for kids who understand the concept of even and odd but might need a bit of practice.

The first set features ten frames. Kids should realize that a full ten frame equals 10. Then they can just add the dots on the bottom ten frame to figure out the number and determine if it is even or odd. 

The second set is just numbers. For the double digits, kids should realize the number in the ones place is the only important number.   Learning about even and odd numbers just takes a bit of practice and they'll know it. Once they understand the concepts behind even and odd, it's just a matter of putting it to use.

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  1. This is awesome! I teach my TK kids about odd and even every year. I can use this as a center to reinforce the concept. Thank you