4 Transportation Themed Activities for Preschoolers

My boys were obsessed with vehicles of all sorts when they were younger. We watched movies about things that go. We played on the car rug for hours each week. And, we stocked up on books about cars, trucks, and trains every time we went to the library. We filled our early school days with transportation-themed learning activities such as these I'm sharing with you today. Each of these four activities is perfect for young learners who love vehicles and all the things that go.

FREE Transportation activities for preschoolers featuring cars, trucks, trains, boats and other vehicles. Activities include matching, patterns, sorting by air, land, water, and sorting by syllables.
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Activity One: Matching Game
Print out two sets of the transportation cards. Laminate them and cut them apart. Lay the cards face down on the table, and take turns flipping over two cards at a time. If the cards match, they're yours to keep, and you get another turn. If the cards don't match, your turn ends.

Activity Two: Transportation Sort
Print out and laminate the sorting cards. Spread them on a table (or another flat surface) along with the transportation picture cards. Have your students sort the picture cards according to whether each mode of transportation moves in the air, on land, or in water.

Activity Three: Syllable Sort
Older students can practice counting syllables with the transportation picture cards. Print out and laminate the sorting cards. Spread them on the table with the transportation cards. Have your student say the name of each picture orally, clapping out the syllables as they do. Then, have them lay the picture card on or near the correct sorting mat.

Activity Four: Make This Pattern
Laminate and cut apart the pattern strips. Using two sets of the transportation cards, have your child recreate each of the patterns.

Which of the transportation learning activities will you have your preschoolers try first?

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