Alphabet Mazes Worksheets + Match and Learn Alphabet Puzzles Review

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Learning the alphabet through fun activities and games is a must for preschoolers. These free printable Alphabet Mazes worksheets are the perfect way to practice letters, letter sounds and fine motor skills. Another fun way to learn the alphabet is with the new Fiddle & Doodle Match and Learn Puzzles!

FREE printable letter tracing and letter maze worksheets for preschoolers to practice the alphabet. Also featuring a review of Fiddle & Doodle hands-on Match and Learn puzzles.

Download your Free Alphabet Mazes at the bottom of this post!

This set of Alphabet Worksheets includes 26 pages, each featuring a maze that is an image of an animal or object matching the letter sound. At the bottom of each page there are uppercase and lowercase letters to trace. Great for fine motor skills, letter recognition and letter sounds!

To make the worksheets re-usable, laminate the sheets or place in page protectors, then give your child dry-erase markers to trace.

Fiddle & Doodle Match and Learn Puzzles

Our first experience with the company Fiddle & Doodle was reviewing their fantastic dot markers. My kids loved the dot markers so much that I was sure they would enjoy these alphabet puzzles. They are especially perfect for my 4 year old preschooler!

The Match and Learn puzzle set includes 26 puzzles (plus 6 bonus puzzles) each consisting of 3 pieces - an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter and a cute picture that corresponds with the letter sound. Since each puzzle is a different color, they are self-correcting so your child will know when they've matched it up correctly. I love this feature because my daughter is able to do all the puzzles with very little help. Perfect for keeping her busy and learning!

Make Your Own Puzzles

Our favorite thing about the Match and Learn puzzles is their brilliant bonus activity that really puts the icing on the cake! There are 6 sets of blank puzzles included, plus stickers for kids to make their own puzzles.

My daughter had a blast with this! She used the stickers to create a puzzle for herself and some of her family members, and her cat. This is such a great learning activity because it made her think about the letter sound that each person's name started with and then she searched for the uppercase and lowercase letter stickers to use. 

We loved this hands-on way to learn the alphabet and highly recommend it for preschoolers!


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