Ice Cream CVC Word Flip Chart

Practice reading with this fun ICE CREAM themed CVC word flipper, plus a recording sheet to write down the words made and whether they are real words or nonsense.

Summer is coming and that means ice cream, ice cream, and more ice cream (At least, in my house that's what it means!). We are pretty picky about the ice cream we eat but we love to eat ice cream as often as possible. So it only makes sense to add ice cream into our school work. Especially when we pair the work with actual ice cream! Summer is also a time where many kids don't practice skills they learned throughout the school year. Keep up with reading and avoid the summer slide with fun activities, like this Ice Cream CVC Word Flipper. 

Today we are working on CVC words, or words that consist of a consonant-vowel-consonant. They are considered the easiest words to read because they rarely veer from a simply set of rules. Phonics typically start with CVC words. These CVC word flippers includes all 5 vowels and just a handful of consonants (6 in the front and 6 a the end). The result is a good variety of words that can be made!

How to Use the Ice Cream CVC Word Flippers:

Cut out each page by cutting the borders but not the inside lines (yet). Line up the pages and staple on the top three times - one for each section. Cut the inside lines stopping about 1/2 inch from the top. Fold page each section so you can flip through the letters. Have your child read the word on top. Then flip one letter over and read the new word. Keep flipping over letters in each section to see what new words you can come up with!

By flipping just one letter at a time, kids can start to see the patterns that are naturally occurring in words. For example, cat and rat are just one letter off. Once one word is sounded out, half the word is done! Reading a similar word should be much easier. Not every letter combination will make a real word. Some words will be nonsense words. But don't skip these! Nonsense words can still be decoded. They can show whether kids are actually reading and sounding out words or if they are just guessing based on words they know. 

The word flipper comes with a matching page to write down the words you find. There is a column for real words and a column for nonsense words. Of course, there are many more than 7 real words and 7 nonsense words. But this sheet provides a good place to record some words and also practice writing skills.

FREE Ice Cream themed CVC word flip chart and recording sheet for kindergarten kids to practice reading, sounding out words and writing. Kids can make real words and nonsense words with ice cream!

Erin from Royal Baloo
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