Train Number Games and Worksheets for Kindergarten

Trains never seem to go out of style. My kids have loved trains since they were toddlers and they still love them. The interest in trains is certainly different but trains are still a hot topic. And it is the perfect theme for learning. If your kids love trains, they'll certainly enjoy this Train Teen Number Challenge.   

FREE printable Train theme games for kindergarten kids to practice teen numbers and ten frames. Perfect math center activity for train lovers!
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Supplies Needed:

Extras for an Excellent Train Theme

How to Set Up the Train Ten Frame and Teen Numbers

Print the trains and numbers on cardstock or laminate the pieces so they will last through heavy use. I've found that my kids love playing with sets like these over and over again so I try to make them durable enough to last. Make sure to print the black and white and the color versions. One has numbers and the other features ten frames. Both forms are useful!


How to Use the Train Ten Frame and Teen Numbers

The initial idea is to put them in order. The numbers range from 10 to 20 but you can cover whichever numbers are necessary. I found my kids have the most trouble with 12, 13, and 14. All of them seemed to get stuck there!  

Once you've put them in order, try matching up the ten frames. Ten frames are commonly used as a way of visualizing math. But the first step is getting used to them. Hopefully when given enough practice they will notice that the top frame is always 10. They do not have to start by counting to 10 every time. They can start at 10 and just count up from there!   

  There are many more ways to use the train numbers.
  • Pick one number and have them find the next largest and next smallest number
  • Pick two numbers and have them compare the numbers
  • Play a matching game with the numbers and the ten frames
  • Line up all the cards in order then flip one over. Have them figure out the missing number
  • Do all of these activities but with the ten frame cards instead

I've added a few additional pages to go along with the number cards. First is a set of number writing pages. Practice writing the teen numbers and match them with the ten frames Then there is a matching Dot Marker page to go with the numbers too. Simply dot the train tickets based on the number. 

I hope you enjoy these train themed printables!

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