Zoo Animals Counting Mats

My nephew spent a few days with me this month. I always love when he comes to visit, because I get to break out all my fun preschool ideas. My teenagers are no longer interested in playdough, scavenger hunts, and picture books. So, Z and I got busy counting, reading, and having fun with zoo animals. One activity he enjoyed was these hands-on counting mats.

FREE playdough counting mats featuring zoo animals and ten frames for preschoolers to practice counting, number recognition and fine motor skills.
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Zoo Animals Counting Mats

This set of zoo animals counting mats is a great addition to your preschool lessons. Tots and preschoolers will work on a variety of skills as they use these pages.

Using Counting Mats

Print each of the pages out and laminate them for durability. Gather up your playdough, and you're all set. To use these activity pages, have your child identify the number in the upper lefthand corner of the mat. Then, have your child "read" each number word under the number. Count the animals on the page. Using playdough (or counters if you don't want to use playdough), have your child put the correct number of playdough balls in the ten frame. If using playdough (instead of counters), have your child build the number, as well. As your preschooler uses these counting mats, they'll work on identifying each number and number word from 1 to 10. They'll practice counting each set of animals, and they'll work fine motor and hand-eye coordination as they fill each ten frame with playdough balls or counters.

A Tip

If you laminate the counting mats, have your preschooler use a dry erase marker to trace the number and each number word. You can also have them practice writing their numbers as they fill in the ten frame.

Storing the Activity

I like to store these types of activities in a 3-ring binder. This keeps them all together. Your child could even keep them in the binder and work on one page at a time for a no-mess activity.

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  1. HELP! I downloaded these zoo animal counting mats but it will not print. The document says it is locked and I do not have permission to print...any suggestions?

    1. Hi, Sorry about that. It is fixed now and you should be able to print!