"Bossy R" -ar Word Building Activity

Bossy r” is bossy but polite. It lets the vowel go first, but it doesn’t let it say its sound. -ar words are a great way to start learning about Mr. Bossy R. This activity introduces the concept in a fun way while also giving the kids a chance to practice early reading skills and writing skills.

FREE printable for kids to build words in the -ar family which have the "Bossy R". Also includes a recording sheet. Great activity for kids learning to read and write!
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Sometimes even grown-ups need a review on simple grammar rules. I think at times we all do. I was thinking about the -ar sounds a couple of weeks ago when I thought it would be a good idea to work on an activity to teach the bossy r concept at a basic level. I also wanted to add a little fun to the project. Most kids have seen large trucks hauling things from one place to another and young kids are interested in things that move. I thought it would be fun to have them build words on the back of an 18 wheeler. These words they will be building are all part of the -ar word family.

  • Print out the pdf pack and laminate it for reuse.
  • Cut out the letter boxes and cards. Scatter the boxes around the truck mat.
  • Set up your writing page and place the pencil within reach.
How To Play:
  1. The child will draw a card from the stack of words.
  2. They will then find the cargo boxes that spell out the word, sounding out the word as they build it on the back of the truck.
  3. After they learn to read the word they will write it on their record writing page.
Kids will learn to write several different words such as far, shark, bark, park, tar, car, scar, star, jar, dark... and many more. They will learn to pronounce the -ar letter combination as the letter r. They will be reading a lot of new words while gaining an understanding of a new concept.

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