Opposites Puzzles for Preschool

Preschoolers will love learning about antonyms with these hands-on puzzles!

FREE printable puzzles to teach preschoolers about antonyms and opposites. Includes 12 self-correcting puzzles with visual cues to find the matching pair of antonyms.
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This set of FREE Opposites puzzles features 12 pairs of common antonyms:

  • in/out
  • up/down
  • big/small
  • hot/cold
  • hard/soft
  • open/closed
  • fast/slow
  • happy/sad
  • day/night
  • long/short
  • empty/full
  • clean/dirty
The puzzles all have different shapes which makes them self-correcting. Children will know when they're made a correct match if the puzzle fits!

I recommend that you laminate these puzzles or print them on heavy cardstock to make them more durable for little hands.

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  1. Saving this and printing it later to do with my 3 year old!!!

    1. Hi Nicole, I hope your little one enjoys the activity!

  2. Thank you for this! Printing this for my 3 year old! :)