Color Mixing Activity Pack

Kids love to mix colors together to see what new color they can create. This pack is all about mixing colors to make new ones, learning about primary and secondary colors, and practicing to read and write color words.

FREE printable activities for preschool and kindergarten kids to learn about primary and secondary colors, color mixing and color words while having fun with paint! Also includes coloring pages, puzzles, color charts and word tracing.
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In this FREE Color Mixing Pack you will find:

  • Color mixing worksheets
  • Color puzzles
  • Color word writing practice
  • Color by numbers
  • Color words coloring page
  • Color charts

Materials you will need:

Color and write pages give kids a chance to practice recognizing the color word, writing, and coloring an object a specific color. Kids love color by numbers. The mermaid coloring page is a rainbow of fun when they finish coloring all the different bubbles. My youngest enjoyed the color word coloring page. It helps them recognize the color words while coloring each color word the right color. 

There are two charts to help with color recognition. These posters are fun and can be displayed on the wall for a quick reminder for the kids or a colorful display. 

I had to include puzzles. I've said it quite often but puzzles are our absolute favorite activity. These puzzles were the main idea for this pack and everything else stemmed from them. There are four in total. Each puzzle has three pieces. The large piece is the color the two smaller pieces mix to create. I would suggest laminating these to make them touch friendly. Also the paper seems to roll up after frequent use. 

Get your finger paints or paint brushes out for this fun work page. Place a dab of paint in the circle that matches the color stated. Then using their finger or paint brush have the kids swirl the colors together to see what happens! This was so much fun that even the older kids wanted to paint on it. 

The last page to mention is this color and trace work sheet. Much like the previous page this one is about mixing colors. They can however use crayons, markers, or even glue strips of colorful paper to this one if you want to change things up a bit. They will make the white circle above the word match the word below. Then they will trace/write the color word. This pack is a fun way to introduce color mixing to show how colors can be mixed to create new colors or as a way to practice color word recognition. Kids will love playing in the paint while they learn about each color.

For more color fun please check out our I Know My Colors series where you will find a more in depth study of the different colors.

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