Halloween Fun Pack for Tots & Preschoolers

Preschool kids will enjoy incorporating these math and literacy activities into their daily lessons. They'll focus on visual discrimination, fine motor skills, counting, beginning sounds, and more!

FREE Halloween printables for toddlers and preschool kids. A fun activity pack to work on counting, beginning sounds, fine motor skills, graphing and visual discrimination.

Halloween Fun Pack

This pack of Halloween-themed activity pages is the perfect addition to your October preschool lessons. Tots and preschoolers will work on various skills throughout each of these five activities. There is no prep-work involved in setting this activity up. Just print out each of the pages, and your little ones are good to go.

What's Included?

In this fun pack, young learners will enjoy five Halloween-themed activities. Each activity will focus on a different skill. Together, these activities will make great learning centers for your October learning time.


Cut out each of the images on the bottom. Have your little ones say the name of the costume each child is wearing. Focus on the beginning sound of each one. Glue each image on the correct beginning letter.


Cut out each of the images at the bottom. Have students count the costumed children on each piece, and then glue the set on the correct number.


Cut out the images at the bottom of the page. Have students glue the pieces onto the graph. Count the kids in each column and fill in the blanks on the right side of the page.


Use a dot marker, crayons, or counters to identify each letter C and c on the letter grid.


Have students draw a line matching the two kids wearing similar costumes. The kids don't match exactly - different colored skin or hair or costume pieces - but the dress-up theme is the same - superhero, bug, fairy, etc. This will help kids hone their visual discrimination skills.

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  1. Loved these pages, as did my kids. Super cute and fun. I was a little confused as to why one of the costumes is the devil though, on a kid’s work page.