Pumpkin Number Spin & Color Game

This ten frame number spin game is a fun activity to add to your Fall centers. Students will have so much FUN spinning the pumpkin spinner and counting the dots on the ten frame then matching the number to the digits and dice on two recording sheets!

FREE printable Pumpkin spin game perfect for a Fall preschool math center. Features ten frames and works on counting and number recognition.
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To prepare:

Print as many spinners as you need for each group of students. There is one spinner and two recording sheets. If the students aren’t familiar with spinning games, it’s a good idea to show them how to spin using a paper clip and a pencil. They will get the hang of it fast! Laminate the spinners and then print as many recording sheets as you need for the number of students in your class.

Pumpkin Ten Frame Number Spin

Students will be somewhat familiar with the ten frame number representation although if they aren’t, you can go through these with the students on the board. Show them how to count the dots in each box and that the whole frame has 10 boxes. This will help guide them in doing the activity independently.

The spinner is in color and the recording sheets are in black and white. This should save plenty of ink since the recording sheets will be the ones you will print many copies of. You can start with whichever recording sheet first. With the number digit match, students will spin the spinner and then count the ten frame that they land on. They will then look for the matching number digit on the pumpkin recording sheet and color it. A great fall themed counting activity!

Students can take turns spinning the spinner – I find that they love seeing how they collaborate and work together (and sometimes correct each other). Continue this same process with the dice recording sheet. The best thing about this activity is that you can even use the same spinner for more activities. For instance, students can spin the spinner, count the ten frame and then show the number by using manipulatives on their desk!

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