Christmas CVC Beginning Reading Game

The reindeer need some help reading these short vowel CVC words! But somehow they have lost all of their vowels! Help them figure out the missing vowels before reaching the end of the game! This Christmas themed game is a fun way to practice reading short CVC words and identifying the middle vowel sound.

FREE printable board game for kindergarten kids to practice reading CVC words with a fun Christmas theme with reindeers! Great literacy activity for the holidays!
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Materials Needed:

How to Set Up the Game

Setting up a printable board game is easier than it looks! Simply print the game board and the game pieces on cardstock. Print the game cards on cardstock double sided (so the red is the background on one side). The game board pages will line up but it helps to cut off the side of one of the pages. Otherwise, you may end up with a white line down the middle. So after cutting, just position the board so it slightly overlaps and tape the 2 sides together.

There are 4 game pieces. To put them together cut all around the outside edge. Then connect the two long rectangle pieces to form a round bottom. This allows the pieces to stand upright.


How to Play the Christmas Beginning Reader Game

This game is meant for young kids so the rules are very simple. But feel free to adjust the rules to make it easier or more challenging! The first player draws the top card from the red card deck. They have to identify the photo and decide which vowel is missing. If they get it correct, they move their piece to the next square with that letter. The first person to reach the final square wins!

All of the words in the set are 3 letter CVC words. There is a mix of 8 cards for each vowel sound. If you run out of cards, shuffle the deck and put them out again! The consonants on the cards should help to identify any obscure words. Instructions are included in the download!

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