Christmas Number Sense Printables

Work on number sense and subitizing with this fun Christmas theme! Clip cards, puzzles, and color by code worksheets all included to work on number sense!

FREE Christmas activities for preschool and kindergarten kids to learn numbers, counting, ten frames and develop number sense. Includes coloring pages, puzzles and clip cards. Great activities for a preschool math center for Christmas!
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Materials Needed:

Why Number Sense is Important

Math is a skill that builds upon a foundation. The stronger the foundation, the stronger the math abilities. So it makes sense to ensure younger kids have a strong foundation.

Number sense is the foundation of understanding numbers. Number sense promotes kids to understand what a number is, what it looks like, what it represents, and how to make it multiple ways. It goes beyond the abstract names we have for numbers (like three) and into a deeper understanding (knowing that a group of apples is 3 apples).  

How to Use the Christmas Number Sense Printables

There are 3 separate activities in this pack that focus on counting with 10 frames and dots.

1. The first activity is a Color by Ten Frame and Color by Dots set of Christmas photos.

Start by identifying each of the colors that go with the numbers. For kids that are not yet reading, it can be helpful to color the numbers and colors at the bottom of the page. Next, color each section, one at a time, according to the code. When you are done you should have a full Christmas Picture! There are 3 puzzles:
  • Ten frames 1-5
  • Ten frames 6-10
  • Dots 1-5

2. The second activity is a set of Christmas Tree Puzzles.

These puzzles can be printed double-sided. The back side includes the number that matches the puzzle parts on the front. On the top of the trees are the dots and the bottom of the trees are the ten frames. Match each top and bottom based on the total number. There are 10 puzzles total for numbers 1-10.

3. The last activity features ten frame counting clip cards.

Ten frames are most useful when kids can quickly recognize the number represented. Working with 10 frames regularly can help kids to build the recognition. To use the clip cards, identify the number in the ten frame. Then clip the correct number on the right-hand side! There are clip cards for numbers 1 through 10.

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