Christmas Roll & Count Math Games

Need a fun way to help kids develop their number sense and counting skills? This engaging activity will be a hit with them during the festive holiday season! Students will match the number digit they roll with the amount of dots they count on the ornaments found on their recording sheets. They will also trace the number and graph it to see which number reaches the top first!

FREE printable roll & count games for preschoolers featuring a Christmas ornament theme. Practice number recognition, counting, tracing and one-to-one correspondence. Great for a preschool math center!
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To prepare:
Print as many recording sheets you need for the set of students in your class. You can use the dice template provided to make the cube or you can use a pocket cube to insert the programmed images into it for an easy and quick setup. I like to laminate the cube inserts so that they remain intact for repeated use but it’s totally up to you if you’d like to do this.

Roll, Count and Trace Ornaments

1. For the first game (Roll & Trace) I instructed the students to roll the cube and then say the number they landed on. They will then count the dots on the ornaments on the graph to find the matching number. They trace it and roll again until one number reaches the top.

2. For the second game (Roll & Cover) the students will roll the cube and cover that many dots on the ornament with buttons or counters. For example, if the student rolls a four they will cover the ornament with four counters or buttons. They continue to do this until all the spots on the ornament have been covered. As a math extension, you can get the student to roll two dice instead and add up their numbers to cover that many spots on the ornament.

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