Free CVC Picture Puzzles

These CVC picture puzzles are great for kindergarten kids or beginner readers who are starting to sound out simple words.

FREE CVC word puzzles for kindergarten kids learning to read. These puzzles are self-correcting with pictures, great for a literacy center. Also includes a recording sheet for writing practice.
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This FREE set of CVC word puzzles features short vowel sounds a,e,i,o and u. There are 20 puzzles included - 4 for each vowel. There is also a recording sheet for kids to practice writing the word once they complete each puzzle.

Materials Needed:
CVC Words Included:

  • Short a sound: van, rat, ham, bat
  • Short e sound: bed, jet, den, red
  • Short i sound: lip, bin, pin, zip
  • Short o sound: hop, cot, dog, box
  • Short u sound: tub, cup, bus, bug

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  1. Thanks SOOOOO much for sharing these fantastic teaching tools! You have something to reach the interest of literally EVERY child!

  2. I agree, thanks for making this material free. I teach ESL students and this will me alot!

  3. Thank you for this material... It really helps :)

  4. Thank you for the material!!!

  5. As a mom who is homeschooling for the first time all of these are lifesavers!! Thank you so much! You have kept me sane and have helped me avoid a mental breakdown LOL

  6. This is fantastic! I need new center for my kindergartners and this cvc picture puzzles are perfect! Thank you for making this free!