Winter Teen Numbers Printable

Learning teen numbers can be a challenge since many of the numbers do not follow the common rules or logic. I always find extra practice with the teens to be a good idea and these Winter themed number strips are great for just that!

FREE Winter themed number practice cards for the teen numbers. Featuring ten frames along with number tracing and writing practice. Great for a Winter math center in kindergarten!
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Winter Teen Number Writing and Ten Frame


How to Set Up the Winter Teen Number Writing and Ten Frame

I wanted to use the number strips repeatedly to work on counting and writing, so we laminated ours. They just stand up to a lot more use this way. Plus, the kids can use a dry erase marker (fun!) and write their numbers over and over again! I also gathered some different small items to use in the ten frame. A few options could be:

I'm sure there are many other options too so just be creative!  

How to Use the Winter Teen Number Writing and Ten Frames

Each strip has a designated number, a space to write that number, and two ten frames. There are ten frame puzzles included for a matching game. Those are intended to be used in lieu of the gems or other small objects. But they can also be used as a guide!

For the puzzles, we just matched the correct set of ten frames to the correct number strip. Then I had them use the dry erase marker to write the numbers as many times as possible.

The next step is using a small object to make the ten frame ourselves. We had some really pretty gems so we used them. I wanted my kids to play with the number strips so I let them explore on their own. But I did encourage them to count the gems and put them on the ten frame.

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