Arctic Animals Counting & Number Matching

Well, winter isn't going anywhere so why not have fun learning about those adorable animals who live up north. These Arctic animals will make counting with your kids a blast.

FREE Arctic animal themed counting cards for preschool and kindergarten kids to practice matching numbers and number words. Perfect Winter themed math center activity!
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As you're surrounded by cold and snow, you might as well embrace it and bring the Arctic into your learning. These Arctic animals numbers matching cards can help your kids count up to 20 and make it fun. 

We have the Arctic fox, snowy owl, reindeer, harp seal, puffin and walrus. What kid wouldn't love to count with these animals? Print them out and give it a try.  

Arctic Animals Numbers Matching Cards Supplies

Print out the cards onto paper or cardstock. Use the scissors to cut the cards up and mix them up. Have your child match up the number of animals to the number and if they can read you can add the number words too. 

To extend this activity, pick a favorite Arctic animal to study, read some books about them and have them draw a picture and tell you more about them. Find pictures online of the animals and discuss the features that allow them to live in cold climate. Talk about the fatty tissue they have underneath their skin or how they stay warm, and the type of home they live in. Animals are always fun to learn about because your child always comes up with a favorite after they hear about them.

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