Prepositions Activity and Easy Reader Book

Work on prepositional words with a fun easy reader book and activity! Pre-readers will love the easy to predict words while having fun finding the dog!

FREE printable Dog themed Prepositional words activity and emergent reader book. Great for kids to learn prepositions and positional words, as well as a cute easy book for beginning readers.

Where is the Dog Prepositional Activity and Easy Reader

Prepositional words seem to come naturally with language but kids don't always pick up the words on their own. I'll never forget when my oldest was 3 and I was attempting to have him bring me a book. I kept saying "It is in front of the basket" but he didn't know what 'in front of' meant! It was a phrase we hadn't encountered. Learning these phases is as simple as going over them but it helps to have fun activities and easy readers to work on them too!

How to Set Up the Easy Reader and Activity

The easy reader book is set up to be simple to put together. Simply cut it along the middle line, put the portion with the cover on top, and staple on the left hand side. There is no need to shuffle pages around to get them in a particular order!

For the activity, simply cut out the square cards, and cut a small slit on one side of the dog house. The small slit allows the dog to go behind the dog house. 

How to Use the Easy Reader and Activity

My kids love having small books they can read on their own. So easy reader books like this one are perfect. They feature predictable words and fun pictures so even non-readers can "read" the books on their own. Each page has the same text with the only difference being the dogs position. Once my kids realized every page repeated, they could read it on their own!

The activity that goes with the easy reader can be played as a game or just an activity. Place the cards in a pile upside down. Pick a card and place it in the top left corner. Then put the dog where the card says. To make it a game, have one person pick up the card and place the dog where he goes. The other person has to say the correct prepositional word.

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