Valentine's Day Counting Clip Cards

A favorite math activity with my group of pre-k kids are clip cards. They are so simple to prepare and fun for the kids! These fun Valentine’s Day cupid themed counting clip cards are perfect to practice counting and number recognition skills. They help strengthen fine motor skills at the same time. Use pegs or large paper clips instead.

FREE printable Valentine's Day themed clip cards for preschoolers to practice counting, fine motor skills and number recognition.
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To prepare:

Print as many cards as you will need for your group of students. Preferable print on cardstock then laminate and cut them up. You can totally differentiate the cards according to the students’ abilities. Use number cards to five with your students who are new to counting and use all numbers to ten with your other group of students. You can also make these cards self-correcting by adding dot stickers at the back of the card to help students check their answers.

Valentine’s Day Counting Clip Cards

There are four cards per page to make it easier on printing and setting up. Now that the cards have been laminated and prepared, we can get counting! The cards have the equation at the top and then three number choices at the bottom. Start by getting the kids to work on one card at a time. I like placing the same number of pegs or clips to the number of cards available on the table so not to confuse the kids while they get counting.

For kids who are working on one-to-one correspondence, it’d be a good idea to make sure that point to each picture on the card and identify it as one item as they work out their answer. For this group of students, they would definitely need some guidance. I would use the self-correcting set with my other group of students while helping the group of learners who are new to the concept.

With these cards, I like using counters or unifix cubes to get the kids to have a go at matching the number of items on the card to show me how they got their answers.

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