St. Patrick's Day Rhyming Puzzles

Rhyming is an essential skill for emergent readers to develop. These fun St. Patrick’s Day themed printable puzzle cards are just the perfect addition to any preschool and kindergarten classroom. The kids will enjoy matching the ‘owl’ to the ‘pot of gold’ by finding the matching rhyming word.

FREE rhyming puzzle cards with a St. Patrick's Day theme, featuring a green owl and a pot of gold. Preschool and kindergarten kids will love to find the rhyming matches!
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Materials Needed:

Print as many cards as you will need for your group of students. Preferably print on cardstock, then laminate and cut them up. I like having the set of owls in one pile and the set of pots in another. That way the kids know which pile to pull from first.

St Patrick’s Day Rhyming Puzzle Cards

This free printable activity is the perfect way to get preschoolers and kindergarten kids to practice their rhyming skills. To prepare you will simply need to print these cards in color on cardstock then laminate them. You also have the option of printing them in black and white but color is preferred. Cut the puzzles so that you have a pile of ‘owl cards’ in one and ‘pot of gold’ cards in another. Show an example with the kids by pulling out an ‘owl card’ and naming the object on the card like ‘lip’ then instruct the students to find the matching rhyming word in the ‘pots of gold’. They will then look for an object that rhymes with ‘lip’. They will continue this until they matched all their cards. 😉

Extension Activity

As an added extension activity, you can get the kids building their matching rhyming words by using magnetic letters. They build and place them on top of each card. This is great practice as they get to practice working on their short vowel CVC sounds as well. I like adding magnetic letters to any literacy center as there are endless possibilities on how they can be used in literacy centers.

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