CVC Missing Vowel Cards

Kids love using dry erase markers! Have them practice listening to short vowel sounds with these fun and simple dry erase CVC Missing Vowel Cards. Beginning and ending sounds are usually identified before the middle vowel sounds so make sure that your kiddos are ready to start identifying middle vowel sounds.

FREE CVC word activity for kindergarten kids to practice reading short vowel words and finding the missing vowel sound. Fun cards for a literacy center. Can be used with dry erase markers and clothespins.
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To prepare:
Print as many cards as you will need for your group of students. You can print one set and then split the cards so that each group in class can work on a set of CVC vowel sounds such as ‘a’ and ‘o’. Laminate the cards and then cut them up. Prepare a basket to place them in along with some dry erase markers and pegs.

CVC Missing Vowel Cards – Dry Erase Cards

To begin, learners will take an activity CVC strip and name the picture on the card. They will then decide what the missing vowel sound is. You can also provide some hands-on manipulatives like letter tiles or letter magnets. They will make this resource a great hands-on activity! Have the learners write the missing vowel on each strip and then either use a peg to clip the missing vowel sound or color in the box.

There are three versions of this activity, one with missing vowels and clip boxes, one with missing vowels but with tracing letters and clip boxes, and one with no clip boxes. There are also black and white versions to save on color printing (you can also print two pages on one sheet and make it a worksheet activity.

My ESL / ELL students love working on these cards (I give them the version of the cards with the guided tracing letters). I hope your learners LOVE these cards!

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