Teddy Bear ABC Match & Trace

Are you looking for some fun alphabet activities to use with your tots and preschoolers? If so, these alphabet cards and tracing mat are perfect for you! They will help your little ones practice letter recognition and handwriting in a fun, hands-on way.

FREE printable Teddy Bear themed letter match and trace activity for pre-k and kindergarten kids. Find the uppercase or lowercase letters and then also trace them on the mat. Great for letter recognition and fine motor skills.
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Alphabet Match and Trace

This low-prep activity is perfect for your bear-themed homeschool preschool activities. All you will need to do to get started is print the pages out and cut apart the alphabet cards. Then, your preschoolers are ready for some alphabet fun.

I suggest printing the pages on cardstock and laminating for durability. Kids can use wet-erase or dry-erase markers to trace the letters on the alphabet mats. This will help extend the life of your printables so you can use them over and over again.

There are two different alphabet mats to choose from. Each alphabet mat features the entire alphabet - one is uppercase and the other lowercase. The letters are randomly placed around the mat to encourage letter recognition.


To play, choose a letter mat and a set of letter cards. You can have your young learners match uppercase to uppercase, lowercase to lowercase, or mix them up. I suggest starting with uppercase to uppercase and/or lowercase to lowercase. Once your preschoolers are comfortable with those activities, then challenge them to match uppercase to lowercase or vice versa.

Choose an alphabet mat. Mix up the alphabet cards and place them facedown on the table. Have your child turn over the top letter card. Name the card, and find its match on the alphabet mat. With the writing utensil of your choice (crayon/pencil if not laminated or wet erase marker if laminated), your student will now trace the corresponding letter on the mat. Continue until all of the letters have been matched, and then try another combination the next day.

You can also use magnetic letters for children who are not ready to trace. Instead of tracing, they can place a magnetic letter over the corresponding letter on the mat.

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