Camping Sight Words Spin and Color Game

Kindergarten kids will LOVE this set of fun Camping themed spin and color sight word game! They will use a pencil to spin the words on the raccoon spinner, read the word, then color the worksheet. They will practice reading and identifying some common kindergarten sight words (plus blank sheet included) using a fun camping theme. Identifying and reading sight words is an essential skills to impart onto your students. Have them play with a friend and make it a competition!

FREE printable Camping theme sight words game, great for kindergarten kids! Spin the raccoon spinner, read the sight word and color the matching sight word on one of the logs on the worksheet. Fun camping themed literacy activity!
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Materials Needed:

Print as many mats as you need for the number of groups in your class. If you are using these in a center, it’s a great idea if you have an extra set just in case you want another group to get started on the activity. There are 14 sight words (7 on each mat) in total. There is a blank editable mat which you can add your own sight words to if you wish! These mats are purposefully made in B&W but the image of the spinner is in color.

Kindergarten Sight Words Spin and Color Camping Theme

Need your kindergarten kids to practice their sight words? Laminate these mats and place it in your reading centers for a quick and easy pull out and play game!

After you’ve laminated the mats, place a paper clip, a pencil and 2 dry erase markers between each pair of players. They also each get one mat (preferably the same set of words). You can place a timer or choose not to depending on the reading level of your group. Instruct the students of the rules or the game; they must spin, identify the sight word by reading it then find it on their mat.

Once they find the sight word, they will either color it or they can place a counter on the object with the sight word. Whoever colors all their sight words first, wins. You can even have pairs of students working on one mat at a time. This will be a great competition between the students!

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  1. Sight word recognition and spelling is an important component to reading and writing in the primary classroom. It is important for our students to be able to quickly identify sight words and then to be able to spell them. This activity makes a fun literacy center, fast finisher activity, or morning work task. Plus it's editable, so you can customize it to your classroom sight words list.