Free Halloween I Spy Printable

Halloween is almost here! Print this fun, non-scary, I-spy Halloween themed activity and use it in two ways!

FREE Halloween themed I spy printable game that is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. Easy to turn into a sensory bin for even more educational fun!

This I-spy with my "monster" eye printable is designed with young kids in mind- non-scary and not too complicated. Simply identify the spiders, spider webs, pumpkins, ghosts and ghost houses. Count them all and write the number in the block above the specific picture!

There are 2 ways one could use this fun activity: 
  1. As a worksheet-type of activity where the child simply counts and writes on the sheet (you can laminate it or use a dry-erase pocket for multiple use). Tip: Young children will need to cross out each picture counted to keep track of which pictures he/she counted since it is spread out. This is a good option for more than one child like in a class situation. It is also travel-friendly! Pop it onto a tray/cookie sheet and your child can use it in the car.
  2. As a sensory bin activity. Laminate the sheet first. Cut the bottom part of the printable off, just above the blocks. Then, cut each picture out. Add any sensory bin filler to a container (we used cotton wool) and hide the pictures. The child then finds the pictures, counts them and writes the numbers in the blocks! This method is usually more enjoyable because of the sensory element. Young children have more control over the counting because the pictures can be placed next to each other and moved while counting, which makes counting accurately easier.

I-spy activities are not only fun but develop important skills too! Finding a specific picture uses visual perception skills. Counting the pictures works on counting skills and writing the number down requires numerical knowledge, pencil grip etc. Vocabulary and language are developed by speaking about the pictures, counting it and asking inference questions.

One can extend the activity for older children by asking questions like: "Which picture did you see most?", "Is there more or less ghosts than ghost houses?", "Will each spider have a spider web?" etc. Lots of educational opportunity while having fun!

A not too scary I-spy activity, perfect for Halloween month and perfect for your young kiddos to enjoy! 

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Nadia from Teach Me Mommy

Nadia is a South African mommy of two and a therapist at a elementary remedial school. She blogs over at Teach me Mommy about easy and playful activities with the aim to teach. You can follow along on FacebookTwitterPinterest and Instagram.

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