Autumn Counting Puzzles

Encourage your preschoolers and kindergartners to practice counting and matching with these autumn counting puzzles. This set features numbers one to twelve, and each puzzle piece is adorned with colorful fall images.

FREE printable counting puzzles with a Fall theme to help preschoolers practice number recognition, counting and one to one correspondence. Great for a Fall or Autumn preschool or kindergarten math center!

This preschool math activity is perfect for all of your upcoming autumn homeschool preschool activitiesThis low-prep autumn activity pack is perfect for older tots, preschoolers, and kindergartners. All you've got to do is print out the pages, laminate them, and cut out the puzzle pieces. After that, you're all set. I suggest printing all of the pages on cardstock or laminating them before you cut them out. This will make your puzzle pieces more durable, and will help your puzzles last longer.

Autumn Counting Puzzles

This set of autumn-themed counting puzzles is perfect for identifying numbers and counting from one to twelve.

In addition to counting from one to twelve and practicing identifying those numbers, there are other ways you can use the puzzle cards:

 • Lay out just the number cards. Talk about what color each number is. You can also mix them up, and let your preschoolers put them in numerical order.

• Lay out just the picture pieces. Have your child identify each item. Discuss its beginning sound. Put the cards in alphabetical order (using an alphabet strip if necessary). Mix up the cards. Have your child count the images on each card, and put them in numerical order.

However you choose to use these counting puzzles with your preschoolers, they'll make a great addition to your autumn themes and lesson plans.

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