Fall Harvest and Thanksgiving Color Match-Up

Are there ever too many opportunities or reasons to teach, refresh, and remind our little ones of their colors? In our totschool, we don't believe there is! We take ever opportunity, especially one as fun and colorful as the fall and Thanksgiving season, to practice our color matching and grouping in a creative, hands-on way.

FREE printable color matching activity for toddlers, perfect for the Fall and Thanksgiving. Featuring beautiful images of nature, fruits and vegetables, this activity is sure to be a hit with young preschoolers.

With toddlers, one of the best ways that I've found to cultivate their interest in a hands-on activity is by creating an entire theme around the activity. Thanksgiving gives SO many opportunities to do just that. Around this warm and gratitude-filled holiday we can read about so many different things:

  • Gratitude
  • Harvest
  • Fall
  • Native Americans
  • Early Settlers
  • Religious Freedom
  • Reaping and Sowing
  • and so much more! 
The easiest way in the world to build a simple, diy themed unit study for your totschooler is to choose one or two books full of big ideas and beautiful art, add a few printable craft pages, and then a sensory experience like a bin or helping Mom make apple pie. The possibilities are endless with literature as your basis. 

In this Thanksgiving Coloring Matching activity, you have the opportunity to discuss the reaping of a plentiful harvest and how the earliest settlers of our country were gifted bounties of fruits and vegetables from the Natives in their new land. This sweet activity shares a variety of colorful nature-inspired produce and other nature-goodies that would fit perfectly into one of the fall colored baskets. 

This can be played as a game, where Mom and tot take turns, or as a matching activity on their own. You can also make two copies and use it as a memory game. The possibilities are endless. If you love this adorable activity, you will love our Fall Preschool Pack!

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Erin is a joy-chasing homeschool mama to 4 babies, ages 14 down to 1. She married her grade-school sweetheart 16 years ago, and lives to love him well. Her abiding love for Jesus Christ, and her heart to encourage other women toward him dictates her days. Her tag line is: Jesus in. Joy out. Erin writes about homeschooling, taking hard moments captive for Christ, and loving her family well at Life, Abundantly.

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  1. Love all of your things. I use them all the time for preschool! Thank you so much!!