Turkey Color Sorting Mats

Tots and preschoolers can practice color recognition and color sorting with this set of turkey-themed color sorting mats. This activity is perfect for your farm and Thanksgiving themed preschool lessons.

FREE Thanksgiving and turkey themed color sorting activity, perfect for preschoolers and kindergarten kids to practice math skills as well as vocabulary and reading sight words.

This preschool math activity is perfect for all of your upcoming autumn homeschool preschool activitiesThis low-prep Thanksgiving activity pack is perfect for tots, preschoolers, and kindergarteners. All you've got to do is print out the pages, laminate them, and cut out the mats and cards. After that, you're all set. I suggest printing all of the pages on cardstock and laminating them before you cut them out. This will make your activity pack more durable, and will help them last longer.

Turkey Color Sorting Mats

These turkey-themed color sorting mats and cards is perfect for identifying colors, color words, as well as the sight words "I" and "see".

This set of turkey-themed color sorting fun features ten colors - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, brown, gray, and pink. Each color mat has three colored objects that match it.

Cut out the color sorting mats. Help your child identify the color of each turkey's feathers. Then, have them point out the color word in the sentence on each card. Now, it's time for some matching fun. 

Each card has three color cards that match it. If you're just beginning with colors, you may want to work with just one or two colors at a time. If your kids are good with their colors, let them work with more mats and cards at once. Older preschoolers and kindergarteners may be able to sort with all of the cards at once.

As an added challenge, you could have your child identify the beginning sound of each item featured on the color cards. They could also put the three items for each card in alphabetical order. While not necessary, these activities allow you to challenge students who are ready for a little more. These turkey color sorting mats will make a great addition to your Thanksgiving, farm, and autumn themes and lesson plans.

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