Baseball Letter Sounds Game for Pre-K & Kindergarten

This sports-theme pocket chart hide and seek activity will be a HIT with your pre-k or kindergarten kiddos! It has a fun mystery element to it which kids will love – they will also get to practice their beginning sounds as they play this fun and easy game! Do you have a pocket chart in your class? Use this game to motivate your kids to identify the alphabet and learn their beginning sounds.

FREE printable alphabet game with a baseball theme, sure to be a hit with pre-k and kindergarten kids! Practice alphabet recognition and beginning letter sounds while playing this hide and seek game with 2 levels of difficulty. Place the baseball ball and mitt cards inside a pocket chart for an easy and fun literacy activity!

Print one set of the baseball letters and beginning sound images baseball mitt cards AND one set of the empty baseball mitt cards. There is an editable blank sheet with the baseball mitts in case you wanted to add another matching activity on these cards. Use a permanent black marker to write on them before you laminate them.

Beginning Sounds Hide & Seek Pocket Chart Activity – Baseball Theme

There are two ways to play this game. The first one is a simple hide and seek (identify the alphabet) game and the other is a more advanced beginning sounds game.

1.) For the first game, place three rows of the baseball letter cards and then do this when the class isn’t watching. Add some baseball mitt cards to the back of some of the letters (not all but choose about three). After you’re done, ask the class to guess which letter the baseball mitt cards are ‘hiding behind’. Continue this until they’ve guessed all 3 of them. They also can write their guesses on the recording sheet. They will color in baseball images for ‘correct’ and ‘incorrect’ guesses.

2.) The second game is slightly different as you will get the kids to identify the letter as well as the image on the baseball mitt (beginning sounds). Do the same process for setting up the activity as the game above, but this time show about 5 mitt cards with the beginning sound images to the class before you hide them behind the baseball cards. Then choose 3 to hide. Play the game as outlined above but this time they will need to identify the letter AND the beginning sound image on the hidden card. This game is FUN for all levels, it will work well for ESL kiddos too!

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