Christmas Scavenger Hunt for Toddlers

Often times, even with all the joy found in the Christmas season, the darker days and cooler, wetter weather can lead to some rough hours at home with little ones. We can grow weary of ways to entertain our precious babes and resort to too much screen time if we aren't diligent. During the fall, one of our favorite things to do is a nature scavenger hunt. During our hunts, we use these precious printables to guide our searches. I wanted to create a way to extend that fun into the winter season to fill long days with fun memories.

FREE printable Christmas activity for toddlers and preschoolers. Enjoy a fun indoor or outdoor scavenger hunt with Holiday themed objects to find. Perfect Christmas activity for the whole family!

This Christmas Scavenger Hunt packet includes 2 different Christmas themed scavenger hunts that have a slew of possibilities attached. For each hunt, there are two options: labeled and unlabeled. 

Here are a few suggestions for making the most of an indoor season and keeping your little ones occupied on long days as you await a visit from Santa! 
  • Laminate these and use as a traditional scavenger hunt. Choose labeled or unlabeled, based on your preference. 
  • To put a spin on the scavenger hunt, hide hints or treats near each item on the list. 
  • Take this out of your home to a local indoor or outdoor hall.
  • It can also be used if your family typically goes for a drive to see Christmas lights. 
  • You can use the unlabeled page as an opportunity for beginning letter sounds. Cut some squares of paper and label with A, B, C, etc. Have them lay the correct square on top of each word that has that beginning sound. 
  • The unlabeled page can also be used to copy the word from the labeled page as a copywork or spelling exercise. 
  • You can make two copies of each unlabeled page, cute a square around each picture (roughly all the same size) and play a matching or memory game.
  • The opportunities with these precious printables is endless!

The Christmas season is filled with so many opportunities for joy and memory-making. In our home, we also love to use Kindness Elves to encourage gratitude and generosity as we approach the season of joy for all the gifts we have received. I hope this sweet little packet will bring "comfort and joy" to your home this this season!

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Erin is a joy-chasing homeschool mama to 4 babies, ages 14 down to 1. She married her grade-school sweetheart 16 years ago, and lives to love him well. Her abiding love for Jesus Christ, and her heart to encourage other women toward him dictates her days. Her tag line is: Jesus in. Joy out. Erin writes about homeschooling, taking hard moments captive for Christ, and loving her family well at Life, Abundantly.

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  1. I just tried the link to the scavenger hunt and I get an error message on the dropbox site.

  2. Here's another site that creates scavenger hunts that you can use! It has riddles along the way.