ABC Letter "Surgery" Puzzles

Pre-K and kindergarten kids will love these alphabet matching puzzles! This activity features letters that are ‘broken’ and the kids need to perform ‘surgery’ to fix them. They will find the matching letter piece and build their letters.  There are two versions of these cards so you could easily differentiate and modify the activity to suit all your learners!

FREE printable Lowercase Letter puzzles for pre-k and kindergarten kids to practice letter recognition. A fun "surgery" theme with band-aids is perfect for an occupation, doctor or community helper theme. Great for year-round alphabet learning!

To Prepare:

Print the letter cards, laminate them and cut them. If you print the black and white version, you could use coloured paper to make them even more fun 😉. There is a recording sheet with band-aids that comes with this pack. Print as many as you need for each student in your class.

Letter Building Activity – Letter Surgery

These puzzles are so much fun for preschoolers and kindergarten kids alike. You could totally differentiate this alphabet activity depending on the skill level of your students. Once you’ve laminated the letter cards, place them on the table. The kids will choose one piece and try to find the matching piece to build a letter.

The easy version of this activity means that these cards are colour coded and the kids can easily identify and find the matching colour piece to build their letter if they’re unsure. If using a file folder, place the cards in an envelope (inside the file folder if you’re using one). I use rubber bands on my cards to keep them in place. This is also optional but you can add Velcro on each puzzle piece and place matching Velcro dots onto the folder.

A recording sheet is included so that you could monitor each child’s individual development.

You could also choose the letters you are working on and focus on a particular set rather than the whole set at once. The kids will love doing this! If you would like these cards larger, print the cards on A3 poster paper.

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