Letter Recognition Alphabet Cards

Preschool moms and teachers are always looking for new ways to work on basic skills. If you're looking for a new tool to use with your preschoolers as they work on letter identification, these letter find cards are just what you need! Preschoolers (and kindergartners!) will love searching for each letter of the alphabet on these cards. This low-prep activity is quick and easy to set up so you'll be all ready to go in no time.

FREE printable ABC cards for preschool, pre-k and kindergarten kids to practice their letter recognition skills in a fun, hands-on way! Great for year-round alphabet fun!

Letter Recognition Cards

I suggest printing the alphabet cards on cardstock and laminating them for durability. Cut the cards apart so that you have a total of 26 cards. You can store them in a zipper pouch or plastic bag. Or, you can punch a hole in the top right corner and place them on a binder ring. Gather some glass gems, counters, or mini erasers, and you're all set!

Have your child or student choose a card and identify the letter the alphabet kid is holding. After they've identified the letter, encourage them to place a gem or counter on the matching letters. There are five of each letter on the alphabet cards.

You can choose to introduce the cards one at a time. Or, you can give them the entire set. You could give your older preschoolers a few cards and have them put the cards in alphabetical order before completing the letter find portion of the activity.

There are many ways you can use these cards. They'll make a great addition to your letter recognition activities all year long!

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