Ice Cream Number Mats

Looking for a fun way to reinforce counting and number recognition? Preschool and kindergarten kids will love these Number play dough learning mats with an ice cream theme! These multi-sensory mats will have kids tracing the number digit, counting the number of scoops on the ten frame on the mats and then placing the number of scoops using large pom poms or playdough on the cone. An added bonus, these mats include a black and white version which you could easily print off and use with coloring crayons – win, win!

FREE printable Summer themed number and counting mats featuring ice cream! Preschool and kindergarten kids will love to practice tracing numbers and creating ice cream scoops to match the quantity!

To prepare:

Print as many sets of these mats as you need. Laminate the mats or use dry erase pocket inserts for easy prep! Be sure that you have the play dough and dry erase markers ready at the table for the kids to use.

Numbers to Ten Play Dough Mats

Use these mats to help kids develop number sense and strengthen their counting skills. These mats can be used in a number of ways and can also be differentiated. Have the kids work on their fine motor skills by using pom poms or playdough to build ice cream scoops on the mats. They will also trace the number digit and then cover the ten-frames with counters or even dough to show the number on each mat.

This game can also be played as a group, or as a competitive game played between groups. Give each group the same mat and have the kids build their scoops to match the corresponding numbers. After they’re done, check their mats and the group with the mat that is correctly filled wins!

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