Pumpkin Seeds Counting Cards

Looking for a pumpkin themed activity for this Fall season? Toddlers and preschoolers will have a blast with these counting cards where they get to make pumpkin seeds out of playdough.

These FREE Pumpkin Seeds counting cards include numbers 1-12 and are great to use with playdough. They can also be used with other things such as pom-poms, stickers, dot markers, math cubes, or even real pumpkins seeds!

Children identify the number in the upper left-hand corner and that is the number of "pumpkin seeds" they must put in the pumpkin. If they need help figuring out what the number is, they can also count the pumpkin seeds on the pumpkin located in the right-hand corner of the card. They can also use this picture to double-check their work to see if they placed the correct number of pumpkin seeds on the pumpkin.

This is an easy, low-prep and fun math activity perfect for a Fall or Pumpkin themed unit in preschool.

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