Trace and Count Number Pencils

No. 2 pencils are here along with some friends! They've come to help pre-k and kindergarten kids with number recognition, handwriting and counting skills! Kids will identify the numeral shown on each pencil card, trace the dotted numbers several times and then use a dot marker to dot that many circles on each card.

FREE printable Pencil themed activity for kids to practice number sense and handwriting skills. Perfect for pre-k and kindergarten kids to identify numbers, trace them and use dot markers for the quantity.

Print as many cards as you need for the number of students in your class – you could alternatively laminate these for re-use. After you’ve done this, you could give the kids a set of number cards you’re working on with some bingo daubers and you’re set to go!

Pencil Number Trace, Count and Dab

Use this activity to help pre-k and kindergarten kids with number recognition, handwriting and fine motor skills. Show the students the numeral on each ‘pencil’ and have them identify it. Then, instruct them to trace each number three times, and then dab that many dots corresponding to the quantity.

You can alternatively use playdough or pom poms instead of dot markers.

This activity includes numbers up to 12. It can be perfect for a back to school theme, but is also great for any time of the year!

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    When I try to print this activity, it comes up in the preview as very large, so you can only see a part of the pencil, almost like it was blown up on a copy machine! Is there anyway to fix it? This is a cute activity! Thanks!

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